Being Positive On Your Wedding Day

happy bride and groom

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life, and it is also going to be one of the most stressful days of your life.  Anyone who tells you any different has either never been married before or has forgotten what it is really like.  The stress factor is multiplied in areas like New York or California where weddings are opulent and extravagate affairs.   The best way to handle stress on your wedding is to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

The reality is that something somewhere alone the lines will not go one hundred percent according to plan.  The flowers will be a little wilted, the DJ is playing bad music or maybe there’s another wedding at your catering hall and they are taking away from your special day.  Despite all the planning and all the preparation these things happen and most of the time it is completely out of your control.  So the best thing to do is ignore it, you can’t change it, and agonizing or freaking out about it wont make it any better, so just accept it and move on.

Plan properly and give your self enough time to do and get the things that you want, but on the day of just let it all happen.  Make sure you enjoy your day.  The time, the money and the stress that went into planning everything is for nothing if you end up in tears the day of.

Ultimately no matter how much planning you do something will most likely go awry.   Stay positive and make sure to enjoy your wedding.  The only one that can ruin your day is you!

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