All Star Limousine Worldwide

all star team

All Star Limousine Worldwide was proud to host their team of out of state affiliates this past week.  An elite collection of individuals from London to Los Angeles and everywhere in between came together to discus the idea of excellence.   How can a company offer reliable worldwide service?  How can you ensure that the level or quality of service will be consistent throughout?  Through trust loyalty, and the building of relationships, simple ideas but powerful.

First the relationship needs to be developed.  Clear lines of communication need to be established and constant contact helps, especially at first.  Of course you need to find the right dance partner.  In this industry you cant compare apples to oranges or you will be sure to upset your valuable clientele.  It’s important for the companies to do their homework on one another.

Then the trust comes in.  When you sub out a job to an affiliate you need to trust that they will do the right thing.  Specifically you need to trust that they treat your client like they would their own.  Trust takes time but it develops quickly when a clear level of quality is recognized (this recognition comes during the relationship building process).

Loyalty.  Loyalty can mean so many things but it is certainly a key element in the development of a globally spanning transportation business.  How do I know that when my client lands that you wont try to take them for yourself?  Or if there’s a problem how do I know you will do the right thing by my client or me?  These answers can also fall into the trust category but loyalty is more accurate and loyalty is only developed once trust is established.

What it ultimately all comes down to is quality, quality of service, quality of the company and quality of the individuals in charge of these companies.  I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with a few of these exceptional individuals (and I also have the extreme pleasure of being employed by one) and I can say that the quality of their characters is made immediately apparent.  As you would imagine there is a trickle down effect, these exceptional individuals run their company properly and efficiently and so the quality within them is mirrored by the establishments themselves and then of course in the service provided by these establishments.

We all know that there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.  All individuals assembled are right way people.  With characters and companies of the highest quality.  All of All Star’s Worldwide affiliates offer only excellence, just like All Star does, and that is how we can offer guaranteed flawless service worldwide.

A special thank you again to all of our affiliates, it was a pleasure.