The Uber Problem

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Uber Car is a black car service coming to a city near you, they offer black cars at discount rates and booking and reservations can be made quickly via a smart phone application.  The idea is great and the execution is not bad cheap car service obtained quickly and painlessly in almost any major city.  That’s about where the good stops and the bad begins, you see like many things Uber is great in theory and has potential but is currently riddled with problems that the client is not at all privy too.   In addition to poor service using a company like Uber can be down right dangerous.

Some of the problems, and in fact most of the problems, stem from a service that is very poorly regulated and that is able to operate via the manipulation of certain loop holes in the limousine and executive car service industry.   Uber owns no cars and insures no drivers or vehicles they are essentially a third party broker that intakes a reservation through its app and then opens up quick bids to independent operators in the area close to the prospective client.  These operators also have an Uber App on their phones and when a call comes in they bid and the job goes to the lowest bidder, keeping costs at a minimum for the client.  It doesn’t sound too bad but think about it for a moment, there is no one to check on these operators, no one to see what they are driving how they are dressed or to check registration information or insurance.

There have been stories about guys showing up in blue jeans and T-shirts driving beat up station wagons.  There have been stories of harassment and price gouging and actions bordering on extortion, after all there’s no one monitoring the activity when a client gets into that un-regulated car.  So poor service is a risk, drivers not knowing how to get where they need to go being rude or poorly dressed and driving whatever they want are all somewhat common occurrences, but believe it or not that’s not the real issue.   There is no one regulating the insurance on these vehicles.  If a driver gets into an accident with the customer in the car he may not have insurance sufficient to cover and protect his fare, even more shocking recent court cases have found that Uber isn’t responsible or accountable either!  That means clients beware and ride at your own risk because if something awful should occur you are not protected!

So ultimately not only is Uber Car Service sub-par and unreliable it can be very dangerous.  With improper regulations and no accountability customers beware because although seemingly convenient there is no telling who is coming to pick you up or what he is driving and if you are or are not protected god forbid there is an accident.  A great idea in theory it leaves much to be desired in execution.