Chauffeurs and Drivers in an Executive Car Service

executive black car service

Did you know that there is a distinct difference between a chauffer and a driver? These two titles are not interchangeable there is in fact a very significant difference. What is that difference? A driver does exactly that, he drives, he is a competent driver, someone who can handle/manage a car or truck someone who is probably (or hopefully) familiar with the geographic area that he services. A chauffer is far more.

Years ago in the dawn of the limousine age a chauffer was not only someone who drove the vehicle he was a concierge, a porter, a greeter, a mechanic and a car washer. They did it all. It was an era where the professional chauffer was an individual accorded great respect and he was someone who was dynamic and capable across many fields. A renaissance man or jack of all trades so to speak.

Unfortunately today the terms driver and Chuffer are used synonymously. To clarify a driver is someone who drives a yellow cab, possibly a black car doing short trips or doing simply that; driving. You can also call someone who drives a big rig or a truck a driver (although these individuals require special licensing to handle those larger vehicles). A chauffer, or a proper chauffer will go way above and beyond the duties typically assigned to a driver. An executive chauffer will greet you properly, in todays digital age with an I pad or tablet device showing brightly the name of the fare. They will be properly dresses; a typical chauffer’s uniform consists of a black suit or tuxedo sometimes with white gloves and a cap. They will take your luggage and offer complete porter services. They will open and hold doors. They will be proficient with mobile technology and flight tracking aps as well as all types of GPS and navigation equipment. They will be above all punctual, courteous and professional.

We provide only professional chauffeurs at All Star Limousine. The gentlemen that drive our vehicles and transport our clients are the best. Men who are extensively screened and trained and who undertake continual education in order to be able to operate the latest technologies offered in our 2013 model cars, SUVs and buses. There is a huge difference between a driver and a professional chauffer. So the next time you contract your executive car service ask them are your vehicles operated by chauffeurs or by drivers because it makes a difference.

All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2013 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!